Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reassessing priorities

Dear Me,

I'm still wondering if the person you fall for, is she really the right person for you?

Find someone who complements you,
Who would bring out the best in you,
Not someone who you feel comfortable with,
For you have friends for that.

Find someone who you know,
Them inside out,
Even though you don't know what the future holds,
You will never let them go,
And ride the storm with them.

Find someone who makes you listen,
When they aren't happy, when they throw a tantrum,
And even after that, you learn, compromise and move on,
Never forgetting.

Please do try to find this person,
Otherwise, just find someone that makes you happy,
Perfection is a bitch,
And you know I've long been happy with just nearly perfection.


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